untitled (crow with pencil)
acryllic, gold on wood

This is the last bird painting I produced during the holidays. Originally it contained less contrast and I went back after finishing it to put in some dark blue and purple values to give it more contrast. Next time I make a painting like this (with a different subject, maybe something not depicted too frequently like sea manatee) I'm going to play with the values and tones so that I can seperate background and subject and put them on the same plane instead of having depth.
untitled (bird abstract 2)
acryllic on wood panel

This was a fun experiment in colour and temperature. I tried to hint at the bird being there instead of painting it's form. This is a direction I want to go in for future work that is pattern based. I'm thinking for the next time a heavily psychadellic baroque/rococo patterning.
Mayan Ritual
acryllic on wood
This was a test to try out an ink drawing I did in a minimalistic colour scheme. I wanted it originally to be much darker, instead of the lighter body tone, so I think I'll be doing a second painting of this one. The figure is one in a larger composition involving five people. I think I'll be introducing more dark tones to this piece (more of the dark blue-purple).

Louis XIV
acryllic on board
this portrait was about portraying the kings idea of possessing a divine bloodline. Also known as the "sun king".... a bit literal but I couldn't think of another way at the time to get across the concept.


bird abstracts

acryllic on wood

this one was an experiment to get the brush looser in my hand while painting.

untitled (sparrow)
acryllic on wood

this one is a direction i wish to take, on a larger scale. Pattern based, psychadellic abstract.

Two Portraits

These are two portraits that I've been using to experiment with colour and such. There is a third one coming soon.. not finished as of yet.

Portrait 1
Acryllic on wood

Portrait 2
acryllic on illustrator board


Figure on Couch
acryllic on wood

Steam Circuit Brain
ink on mylar

Mayan Sketch