Hallway mural in progress at Chuck Akudu Gallery, where the Back To Beyond art show will happen February 4th

My first musings with Gouache... the yellowyoranges are all GOOOLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDD

This is an example of a painting i should have left alone...I actually started to work on this one more but I actually like it the most like this now that I reflect on it now... 

My wilderness piece, which will be part of the upcoming art show I am organizing entitled Back to Beyond. I'll post details on January 1st!

Frozen in Time
Acrylic on canvas
Dave Bell

Painting in the making! A few more elements to overlay, this is the anorexic body of a painting that is being force fed.

 "Sun with Clouds on a Board of Wood"
Acrylic on a board of wood
Dave "I painted this" Bell

Small painting I did for someones birthday. 

Sorry for the terrible documentation quality! I have a better picture but it is at my friends house on their computer, so I will post the better ones soon... anyways so I will be posting some new pictures of stuff in progress. These posts would have been earlier had google decided NOT to delete my blog.


Hip Hop Review Illustrations

Kanye West 
"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"
CD review Illustration
Acrylic on wood
Dave Bell

I haven't had any posts recently because I was unable to access my blog. Google actually deleted it for no reason, which of course is amazingly annoying. After messaging them a million times, google eventually decided to undelete my blog.

Both of these illustrations are for the Hip Hop reviews written by Jessica Stokes. You can find these illustrations and their respective articles here at http://thenewspaper.ca

Lil Wayne: Getting Out of Prison
Acrylic on wood
Dave Bell

Nicki Minaj Review Article
Linked from thenewspaper.ca

Since this blog is finally back up and running, I can update it with all the other files that I have accumulated on my blog. I have to go downtown and locate a friend to retrieve most of the files however, so sometime soon I will post all of them.