JUPITER painting in progress! So many layers... gotta keep breaking it down to smaller and smaller bite-sized chunks  mmmmmm i'm hungry


Self Portrait in Progress

This is the self portrait painting so far. As always, the laptop documentation quality is not very high so the darker parts and purples are not visible, but I will post all of the professionally documented pictures to a website when more paintings are done.


Update on Paintings

This painting is almost done! This is a process shot of it from a few days ago. I think it belongs in a cafe somewhere.

Sorry for the bad flash on the painting! This is the Tree painting finished.

Started a Self-Portrait on the side of my other painting projects.


New Abstract Works

Tree (Night)


Tree (Spring)

Some new paintings that I have been working on after I come home from work. Sorry about the bad documentation, my laptop camera was wonky for all of them